Tera Patrick

Tera patrick is one of the most beautiful women to ever appear in porn industry. She definitely had to look and natural body to become a model and She in fact worked as a model when She was very young, She chose to become a porn star and made us all very very happy. Tera is a legend. She is considered one of the best  and I doubt We would get someone like her again very soon. Tera’s mother was Thai and her father was English and Dutch.  Tera is not only one of the most beautiful women in porn but She is also one of the mos beautiful women in the world. Tera has a perfect face and perfect body. Unfortunately, recently She has gotten a boob job and runined her perfect figure. We hope that she comes to her sense and removes those air bags soon.

Although she is offically retired from porn industry, We all hope that She comes back soon. Unfortunately because of her extraordinary career She does not have any money problems so if She ever comes back that would be because of something other than money.

Also, interesting note that her stage name “Tera Patrick” is the actual real name of Carmen Electra, very interesting in deed.



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